Widam Food Company  announce In tune with Qatar National Food Security Plans and by extension investment strategy in business opportunities and national and international projects in the meat sector, with view to sustain an uninterrupted availability of related commodities at competitive prices, Widam Food Company started to execute Al Shahaniya Slaughterhouse Project at a cost of 15 million Qatari Riyals to serve the needs of the local people in Al Shahaniya area and neighbouring areas, which are densely populated with a large number of livestock Breeders.

The capacity of the slaughterhouse is 600 heads of livestock per day.

It is worthy of mention that the Project is characterized by modern outstanding design and operational features in the slaughtering sector. The build and completion of the slaughterhouse shall be completed as soon as possible and within this year. In parallel, the Company has completed the design and contractual protocols to build an operations zone with international standards to substitute the old operational zone in Abu Hammour. This Project includes a production and meat processing unit, and barns to house the large number of imported livestock. The Project shall commence its operations soon and the Company has set aside a budget of 130 million Qatari Riyals for the build and preparatory works. This Project shall be situated in the South Area of the State of Qatar.


These Projects will enhance the Company’s capacity to diversify its productivity and to provide local consumption reserve in the event there are import difficulties for whatever reason and at the same time, without impacting negatively on the Company capacity to generate healthy revenues for the Company.   Furthermore, the Company has expansions plans to increase its points of meat sales in all areas in the State of Qatar.


The Company has particularly given priority to the aforementioned Projects and put in place plans to finance their execution after having evaluated carefully their business plans and their viability to generate healthy revenues for the Company

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